1992 planning approval

The Response

The resulting master plan received planning approval for in 1992. The joint plan was based on the three main principles:

  • deliver a sustainable and employment generating development
  • to adopt an integrated transport policy
  • to achieve enduring environmental enhancements 

1994 commenced the first phase development of the park

The park was, for many years, part of the William Morris Motors factory which held a prominent place in motoring history as the birthplace of many ground breaking vehicles including Morris Minor. Following the closure of the factory the first development of the park commenced in 1994.

The Challenge

As one of the largest brownfield sites in Oxfordshire, the challenge  was to revitalise the area, bringing in new employment opportunities and facilities for the benefit of the community as a whole.

The Result

Since planning consent was granted for 1.45M sq ft of accommodation, approximately 77% of the site is now committed creating one of the UK's largest business parks housing approximately 5,500 employees in a sustainable, mixed use environment.

Major occupiers include household names like Wiley, Electrocomponents, Oxfam, Penningtons Manches LLP, Henmans LLP, Inland Revenue, Harley-Davidson Europe, BT, Centrica, Genzyme and HM Customs & Excise.